Will marriage change how your boyfriend feels about you? Cosmopolitan.com asked five guys how their relationships really changed after they tied the knot. Here’s what they had to say.

1. “We had already been living together for three years, and the first few months of living together tested and changed the relationship far more than getting married did. I think there was a brief period of “We’re married!” bonus sex and we opened a joint bank account finally after a year. I don’t know if it made the relationship more romantic, exactly. It definitely added something though. It takes any sense of uncertainty out the relationship. I love being able to look over sometimes and just think, ‘That girl right there is my wife. How crazy is that.'” —Matt, 26

2. “It’s been a nice transition! It was weird to say ‘husband’ and ‘wife’ to each other at first and we never referred to each other as fiancé and fiancée. Getting married was for us always a reinforcement of our dynamic so we have been about as romantic as we were before. We talk big-picture a lot more often now — finances, where we want to settle down, and what we want to get done.  At the same time, we’re more mindful of having lives that are distinct from each other’s. I still feel like I’m discovering new things about her.” —Devon, 30

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3. “I know everyone says it doesn’t feel any different, but I don’t think that’s true. There’s totally a little spark there, like, ‘Oh, we’re married!’ It’s like when you first start dating, kind of. Even though I don’t think our relationship changed, it was still really fun introducing her as my wife, or saying ‘Mr. and Mrs.’ This is so dumb, but we went to a friend’s wedding a few months after we got married, and our place setting had us listed that way … as Mr. and Mrs. X, and I kept it.” —Max, 28

4. “I feel like this really isn’t the norm anymore, but we didn’t live together before we got married, so things changed a lot. We definitely had the honeymoon phase, but we were also learning about some of our habits. Like, I knew my wife could be messy and wasn’t a morning person, but it’s different dealing with that daily. It’s not bad or anything, but you’re talking things out and figuring things out and compromising a lot those first few months.” —Drew, 26

5. “We decided to move about a week after we got back from our honeymoon. That was a really dumb decision. The honeymoon was amazing. It was romantic, sexy, all the stuff you’d expect. And then we had to come back and pack up all our stuff and plan a move. It sucked the sexiness out of it. Now that we’re settled in, though, things are great. I don’t think much has changed except for the fact that big life talks don’t really scare me anymore. Like, when my wife brings up kids, or buying a house or something. I used to be like, ‘What? Kids? Do we need to talk about it right now?’ And now I’m like, ‘Kids. Yeah. We’re married, so we should probably talk about that.’” —Chris, 28

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